Good News: eBooks are Finally Out Now!

Hey friends! Just letting you know that eBooks of The Heart-Home Builder are now available at all the hot spots! iBooksKindle, Nook are all ready and waiting with digital versions of my little creation.

If you’re wondering what the hold up in releasing the ebook was, it’s actually a pretty silly story. There was a design debate over whether or not I used a comma or period in my dedication. No, seriously, that’s what happened. It was a comma. Case closed and book released! So if you’ve been hoping to bring my book into your smart-phones and tablets, now’s your chance!



Friends don’t let friends miss out on sales, right? My ebook is $8.49 on Nook and $9.99 everywhere else for some reason. I didn’t set the prices differently myself, but it’s happening! So if you’re a sale-shopping kinda gal or guy, Nook is the place to go. Maybe that extra $1.50 can buy you a tea or a winning lottery ticket or something.