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Rachel Braunscheidel

Hi, I’m Rachel! I’m an inspirational writer, chronic illness fighter, and lover of love and the little joys in life. Come and hang out at my virtual space anytime for heart-to-heart conversations on topics of inner peace, compassion (and self-compassion!), faith, holistic wellness, and a whole lotta love!

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Whispered Wellness

Guided Relaxation and Wellness Channel

I’ve created this channel for gentle encouragement and soothing for spoonies. Here, you’ll find soft-spoken shares on compassion, positivity, love, clean living, holistic wellness, and all things peaceful and cozy. My short audio messages are guided relaxation, heart-to-heart conversation, and ASMR whispering styled. It is my hope that they will help you feel more soothed, inspired, befriended, and encouraged through your healing journey.